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Jeffrey Human

Mostly I am an abstract painter, although I love best the mysterious territory between abstraction and realism. You may also find a realistic painting or two on these pages.

Every abstract painting is, in one sense, at least two paintings. First, there is the painting I see when I finish. When you look at it, you do not see it the way I do. Your unique life experience transforms the painting into something else. I may have thought my painting was a view from the sky, but you may see it as a view into a tunnel. Every new viewer brings a new perspective on what a painting means and how to see and value it.

Stylistically, I am a bit of a chameleon, moving from paintings that pay homage to artists from Monet to Miro. My paintings range from serious to whimsical. I am influenced by my memories and by the arts generally, including music, literature and dance. You may find a painting on this site that pays homage to L. Frank Baum, Delmore Schwartz or Poe, or the scary horror movies of the 1940s. While working on one of the paintings on this site, I kept open a book of Marc Chagall’s work , trying to imagine how he might have painted had he lived in 21st century America.

I paint for myself as much as for you. Painting is a kind of therapy for me through which I try to recreate the wealth of my emotional experience on a flat surface for myself and then share it with you.

In the end, statements like this mean little. Art always speaks best for itself.


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